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Turbine Blower

These Turbine Blower and High Pressure Blower consists of a dynamically balanced impeller which revolves in a stator cum compression chamber having very fine clearance between them. The impeller is fitted directly on the motor shaft and is driven by flange mounted motor. Both the suction and pressure openings are located on the outer perifery of the stator to reduce the impedance to the air flow there by developing vacuum and pressure.

Application of Turbine Blower

These Turbine Blowers are used in the manufacturing of textiles, measuring, medical and laboratory equipment, printing and paper handling, vacuum packaging, waste water treatment, reprographics industry, aeration of fluids, pneumatic conveying, plastic industry, industrial ovens, vacuum cleaners, & air pollution monitoring equipment


  • No lubrication required since there is no friction hence the air is absolutely oil free
  • Practically no maintenance cost
  • Extremely compact and can be mounted inside equipment
  • Silence ensures low noise
  • Available in single and double stage configuration
  • Pressure range upto 600m bar, vacuum range upto 550m bar and capacity ranging upto 1500m³/hr.

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